Stephen D. Hebert Distinguished New Orleans Criminal Lawyer

If you have every been arrested then you know how scary that can be. All of your freedoms stripped from you instantly. You need to get an attorney that you can trust. Someone that is highly experienced and that you can afford. The problem is that there are literally thousands of attorneys in New Orleans and how do you know which one to pick?

You need to read reviews about attorneys and focus on expertise in the particular field your arrest is in. I mean if you get a DWI its best to find an attorney that specializes in DWI cases. You can usually read their Google reviews to see what people really think about them. We recommend Stephen Hebert as a fantastic New Orleans criminal defense lawyer. You can check out his New Orleans criminal lawyer website. He has a fantastic reputation with many reviews from clients on Google. You can see a map below of his office.

Stephen D. Hebert, LLC – Attorney at Law
700 Camp St #216
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 528-9500

The next thing to keep in mind is how much do you want to spend for an attorney. Attorneys vary drastically in price. Usually, the more seasoned an attorney is the more they demand fin price. Try to find the perfect combination of experience and cost. What it really is going to boil down to is that you need to find someone that you trust and can afford. When your freedom is one the line you have to pick your attorney very carefully and make a good choice. Hopefully, this has been helpful and I hope that you get the attorney that you need.

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