Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney In Metairie

Peyton B. Burkhalter Law provides free consultations to prospective clients who have sustained a personal injury. After a thorough evaluation of the merits of your accident claim, you many be requested to sign a contingency fee agreement. This agreement means that you only pay for representation if your case is won. You have no requirement to pay for his representation if you are not awarded a settlement.

Once you agree to hire this attorney, he will work with the insurance companies on your behalf. The average individual has no idea of the intricacies of the law. The only way to protect yourself is with the guidance and expertise of this personal injury attorney. It is enough to deal with the injuries without the added stress of negotiating with an insurance company.

Louisiana has a statute of limitations which means that an injury case must be filed within a specific time frame. This attorney is familiar with the time-periods and will ensure that your case is filed appropriately regarding the cut off period. His knowledge of insurance laws will impact the success of your case.

During your consultation, you will be given an idea of what to expect regarding your claim and the types of compensation you may be awarded. It is important to keep excellent records of medical treatment, loss of wages, and all other expenses to provide to this attorney. The advantage of hiring a personal injury lawyer is that he can file suit against an insurance carrier. Insurance companies are more willing to settle with an attorney because they do not want the added expense of going to court.

Having this attorney by your side is one of the most important decisions that you can make. He will answer your questions, and help you avoid problems that could impact your future. His expertise can make the difference between a successful outcome and failure. Litigation is overwhelming for the average person, and it is almost impossible to prevail without the proper representation. Insurance companies take advantage of individuals without an attorney representation.

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